Happy Holly Birthday

Happy Holly Birthday

I realised today that I never posted about Holly’s first birthday party. Being only six days before Christmas, it went by so quickly and since then it’s totally slipped my mind! Well, today is the day, so here it is!

My beautiful Baby Girl turned one on 19th December 2011 and I couldn’t believe how quickly the year had flown by. It seemed like only yesterday I was in hospital in California, after a long 40 hours, finally holding my little girl. We decided that as Holly really wouldn’t know it was her special day quite yet, we would have a small party at home with family and close friends. As Holly has been a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan since she was about eight weeks old (!), I decided it was only right that the party should be Minnie Mouse themed! So in the weeks leading up to the party, I spent many a happy hour ordering her dress, buying Minnie Mouse ears and lovingly crafting decorations for the party.

The day before, my sister and I spent all day making a cake and buns for the event. I am not known for being a great baker, so was very thankful to my sister for showing me how it’s done. However I had only bought one block of pink icing for the cake and we probably needed three, so trying to get it all covered was interesting! However I thought it turned out great and was proud to have made Holly’s first birthday cake, as that had been an aim of mine.

The morning of the party my sister, mum, dad, John and I set up for the party whilst Holly, not yet walking, crawled around us oblivious. I put her down for an early nap as everyone was arriving at 2pm. After her nap Auntie Laura and I got her in her pretty party dress and made our way downstairs. I had made a photobook to celebrate Holly’s first year on Snapfish, so this was passed around as people mingled and Daddy got the food ready. I had also spent a few hours putting together a video of Holly so everyone gathered in the front room to watch, as I hid in the back hoping everyone didn’t think it was too corny! A few tears were shed, so it seemed to go down well!

Next was time for the cake, so we all moved into the dining room and everyone sang Happy Birthday to a very confused Holly and then we blew out her candle together.

 Following this, we decided to open presents, so it was back in the front room (we didn’t plan it very well and it ended up being like a game of musical chairs!). Mummy did most of the opening, however, whilst Holly then passed them onto Grandad Jim for setting up, which he happily obliged.

All in all it was a lovely day and I was very proud to celebrate my baby’s first birthday. The day after she took her first steps, announcing to the world she was a baby no more. They grow up so fast!

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