Baby On Board!

Baby On Board!

OK, whilst Holly has her Nin Nins (that’s dinner to you and me), I need a rant! my Mum and Dad live in Yorkshire and I visit usually every other week, so am a frequent traveller on the notorious M62. Not the greatest motorway at the best of times, the current roadworks setting the speed limit to 50mph for the majority of my journey make it even worse.

However that is not my bug bear. What really REALLY annoys me is idiots who drive up my ASS. Now I am no driving saint and although there are speed restrictions I don’t always stick to them exactly, which is why I am sometimes found in the outside lane overtaking those who steadfastly obey the limits. So it’s not like I am in that lane sat there dawdling, I am over-taking. And yet these idiots in their Mercedes, Jags and, like today’s example, Landrover Overfinch’s with blacked out windows (I should’ve seen that one coming) insist on driving right up to my behind so we are almost bumper to bumper ensuring if I needed to brake sharply for any reason (eg roadworks!) they would have no choice to plough into my rear end.

But what makes me even more mad is that I have a clearly displayed Baby on Board sign. Yes, you retard, there is a child in this vehicle. An innocent child who could quite likely be injured if there was an accident due to you being so near i can see up your nose.And if you are close enough to read my sign you are TOO BLOODY CLOSE!! So back off, be patient and wait for me to overtake so I can get out of your way, no doubt so you can scare the shit out of some other innocent driver.

Angry Face!

And breathe…

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