Holly’s Terrible Twosday Antics

Holly’s Terrible Twosday Antics

Today I am joining the Crumby Mummy and sharing the antics of our naughty toddlers in Terrible Twosday!

Holly is generally a very good little 14 month old. Especially lately when she has started to understand us and responds to instructions, such as “give that to mummy” or “put that in the box” and she greatly enjoys helping me load the washing machine or sort the dirty clothes.

However since she started moving around, we have been submitted to paddies of varying levels, and of late she can be very mischievous. She seems to see the word no as a challenge and delights in returning to the scene of the crime she has recently been removed from!

Tonight I am staying at my parents and Holly has given us some wonderful displays of haughtiness, mainly to do with the television and Sky box. She loves nothing more than changing the channel whilst we are in the middle of watching a programme, or even resorting to turning the box off altogether! She has also recently decided she likes to throw things and I really don’t know how to stop her doing this. As previously mentioned, no just results in a stubborn refusal to relent, and taking the thing off her is futile as she soon finds something else to chuck. Today she has been marching over to the TV and then throwing said things at the screen. Needless to say my mum wasn’t too pleased!

But with all this is mind, she stills manages to make us smile and all is forgiven. She’s just too darn cute!

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