A Series of Firsts

A Series of Firsts

Over the last week I have been tagged in a few Memes. Having never come across a Meme before I had no idea what one was let alone what I had to do! After seeking advice I realised it almost like a chain letter, in that you, along with other people the post-writer tags, are given a task then have to pass this on to your own series of people. I decided to give the meme I was tagged in by Vikki at Mummy’s Cheeky Monkey a go first, being about firsts itself. So here you are:

Who was your first boyfriend? My first ‘boyfriend’ was when I was six years old and we went out for two years, which when you are that young is a very long time! We split up when he moved schools and I was devastated. Who knows what might have been had he stuck around?

First person you kissed? My first kiss was with a guy I met when I was seventeen whilst I was working at River Island. I was a bit of a late starter and didn’t really think I could even get a boy to like me, so I did jump at the first one that came along. He had a scooter and kissing him was like a washing machine – say no more!

First Job? Was a part time working at River Island in Wakefield. I had a blast working there, but after about nine months I quit as the staff had changed and it had become quite a bitchy place to work. Little did I know that was nothing compared to real working life!

First pay packet? What did you do with it? I think I earned £3.60 per hour, but I have no idea what I spent that first wage on! It clearly wasn’t anything memorable!

First CD you remember buying? If memory serves it was ‘Feel It’ The Tamperer ft Maya. Remember the line ‘Whats she gonna look like with a chimney on her?’ Yeh. That one.

First holiday abroad? I have been going on holiday since I was very young so don’t really remember my first holiday abroad. I believe I was about eighteen months and it was to somewhere like Torremilanos. I remember my Mum telling the tale of me launching myself into the swimming pool with only a nappy on and my Dad having to fish me out by said nappy!

What age were you when you moved out of your parents home? I started university in September 2001, so technically have not really lived at home since then. However I really moved out in October 2004, when John and I moved into a horrible terrace in the centre of Leigh. It was our first home together and I was so excited about moving into it. Thankfully we have improved with each move and after seven moves in the eight years since then we are now in a much nicer home.

Now for the tagging!

Jennie @ Edspire
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Emma @ They Grow So Quick
Slummy Mummy

I look forward to reading your responses!

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