Getting Together

Getting Together

My friends mean a lot to me, in fact they were a major contributor to the reason we returned home from America last July. When you are eight hours difference away from those you hold dear and pretty much on your own, there’s only so much sightseeing and sunshine can keep your intrigue. They are also part of the reason I still live an hour away from my home town and therefore my family, as although my family are hugely dear to me and I love them with all my heart, my social time with my friends is a large part of my life that I wouldn’t want to give up.

I haven’t always had great friends. For a long time I thought saying the right thing and acting a certain way was the only way to have and retain friends, and I was never made to feel good enough to deserve the ones I had. It wasn’t until university that I discovered what real friends can be and since then I’ve learnt that those who matter accept you for who you are and my friends actually make me feel like they want to spend time with me (whether this be true or not!).

Uni Group

Since having Holly it would be untrue to say John and my friendships haven’t been affected. We can’t always do the things we used to – Singstar competitions after a number of cocktails into the early hours of Sunday morning are a thing of the past when you have a sleeping baby upstairs, and I have to admit I do miss these times greatly. Parenting is all about compromising and adapting your life for the little ones you bring into the world, and this is a conscious decision we made when we decided to start a family. But it doesn’t mean the laughs we had in the past aren’t missed and although they are now less of an occurrence, that they are appreciated any less.

Today I am joining in with Nickie over at I Am Typecast and the #dosomethingyummy campaign for CLIC Sargent and Children With Cancer. Head over to Typecast to learn more, read other posts and join in yourself.

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