What Family Means

What Family Means

This week’s Do Something Yummy writing prompt centres around family – what kind of family you have, what it means to you and your family moments. Supporting the CLIC Sargent campaign for children with cancer, my post this week is a short one, but makes this campaign no less important.

Our family have had our ups and down, but mainly ups. Consisting of my parents, my sister and I, we have always been very close (apart from a couple of teenage years where my sister and I stayed well away from each other) and despite a couple of long distance moves, and returns, have always remained that way. I am also very lucky to have married into a great family and have gained some fantastic, if not slightly mental, in-laws.

My family

I am very fortunate to have had a family that have always stuck together and am well aware that my normal ‘boring’ family is becoming more rare in our modern society. But even with all this love and support around us I can’t imagine what we would do if the worst happened. That’s why I am joining in with Nickie’s prompts, because none of us know what is around the corner and organisations like CLIC Sargent can help us in times of need. So please support the #dosomethingyummy campaign – by tweeting and retweeting, joining in this linky and spreading the word.

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