My Week That Was

My Week That Was

This week is a bit of a crazy week as the Hubby is away in Germany with work *sniff* and I am travelling all over the place in order to avoid too many nights on my own (I don’t live in 24 hours away from people now so solitude is no longer forced upon me). So a day later than planned, here is My Week That Was.

Although every week I have the best of intentions that I will get to some sort of toddler group, every week goes by in a blur and I seem to fail. Last week was no exception. With my good friend off work for the week and my Mum coming to stay over, I never seemed to find the time. Monday started with a visit from said friend and it was lovely to catch up with her. Her little girl was in nursery so she’d had time to get her housework done and I have to say I was more than a little jealous, I barely find time to breathe at the moment!

On Wednesday my Mum came over to stay for the night and we spent a quiet day around the house whilst I ran myself crazy getting jobs done, taking full advantage of having a babysitter on hand. We took a quick trip to the nearby Asda where I ended up spending more than I do on a week’s shop on who-knows-what. Oh well, Baby Boy gained some more clothes! That afternoon I had my midwife appointment, which went fine and despite feeling like a beached whale already, I am measuring on track for my 24 weeks. She did take a blood test as I have been struggling to breathe of late (no exaggeration, sitting down tires me out).

Walking with Grandma

That night John discovered the radiator was leaking in the dining room. On further inspection it wasn’t just leaking, it was pouring and the whole radiator plus more had drained itself onto the rug! I was not impressed. On Thursday, after arranging for British Gas to come and inspect the radiator, Mum and I decided to try out Holly’s new reins and went for a lovely walk around the street. She loves being able to be out of the buggy and unrestricted, although I do have to stop her from picking up lumps of chewing gum and other such desirables from the pavement!
British Gas came out Friday morning and informed me that it was the radiator leaking and needed replacing, so we would be sans-radiator for a week. It was just our luck that a few days later snow hit us, it’s bloody freezing in there! Later that morning my friend and I went out for lunch, after which I needed a mega nap. It seems just sitting down to at is enough to knock me out for the rest of the day!

Snow Day

That weekend we enjoyed watching the snow fall, and then daringly venturing out in the BMW to the supermarket. Needless to say the rear wheel drive left a lot to be desired in the ice on our street! Saturday evening we celebrated our friend’s birthday with a few drinks and a caterpillar cake and woke up to a lovely fry up on Sunday morning, whilst our little ones had a pyjama party:

We then spent the rest of Sunday relaxing together as a family and I reluctantly helped John pack for his trip away.

Playing with Daddy before he went away

So there you have our week that was, join in with Katie over at Mummy, Daddy & Me and share your week!

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