My Week That Was

My Week That Was

Here we are at Monday again, and linking up with Katie at Mummy, Daddy & Me Makes Three here is My Week That Was.

On Monday my leaky car had to be taken in to it’s second garage to try and determine why it’s carpets were suddenly sodden every morning. I dropped it off at said garage and spent the day with my in-laws, having a bit of a relax whilst they took charge of babysitting duties. Although I am still on-call, it is nice to know I can relax a little with another two pairs of hands to help out. Holly also had a much-needed fringe trim from their mobile hairdresser, and she can now see again instead of peering through a mass of hair.

After the second garage advised me it was my sunroof that was leaking and recommending a third (and hopefully final) garage who could solve the problem, I returned once more to my in-laws on Tuesday morning. Fortunately the car was repaired and returned to me by lunchtime so I could return home and give our house some much-needed TLC. The laundry was nearly crawling to the washing machine by this point!

On Wednesday morning Holly and I had a playdate with a friend of mine and her nephew. Holly thoroughly enjoyed playing with all the boys’ toys she is never usually submitted to, as well as playing with some stickers my friend provided. It amused us all when she toddled around with a present bow on her head for a good half an hour!

On Thursday my Mum visited us, after being in Spain for the last three weeks. It was lovely to see her and she was impressed at how steady Holly is on her feet now compared to the last time they saw her – I forget how quickly things change with a one year old! Holly also demonstrated her latest word, woof woof, to a very impressed Grandma! After getting fed up with her toys lately, that afternoon we went to the pound store and bought various child-friendly bits for Holly to play with so she spent a happy afternoon playing with a plastic mirror and sucking on hair rollers.

After my Mum drove home on Friday, I headed over to the in-laws yet again (they must be sick of seeing us, I’m sure) to see their close friends who, due to illness, had yet to meet Holly. After cooing over her, we then sat down to a lovely Chinese and I watched them partake in an alcoholic beverage or two whilst I watched on, not in any way jealous at all!!

Over the weekend we drove to Yorkshire to visit my sister and her boyfriend and his family who were up from Leicester. We had a lovely Sunday lunch and then returned home shattered, to watch the USA Biggest Loser finale, whilst shovelling down crisps and sweets ourselves!

And that is my week! Head over to Mummy, Daddy & Me and share yours!

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  1. Sounds like a nice week and I am sure your inlaws are never sick of seeing you and Holly. Your poor car, that sounds like a right nightmare! I love going over to see my Mum, she fusses over Mads and it means I don't have to do anything- its nice to have a break but also relax knowing there is another pair of hands.
    I love that photo of you and Holly- so cute! xx

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