My Week That Was

My Week That Was

It’s that day of the week again – Monday – and if you’re anything like me you’re wishing it was still the weekend! But that also means it’s time to join Katie at Mummy Daddy and Me Makes Three for My Week That Was. Here’s the recap of my week.

With the reopening of my local Surestart Centre following Christmas, I decided it was time for Holly and I to start attending more regularly. After emerging from the morning sickness/absolute knackeredness of first trimester, I was feeling slightly more able to join the realm of the living once more. On Tuesday afternoon we decided to join in with Funtime Babies, an activity session focused around music and nursery rhymes. I was a bit unsure as being an afternoon session, it was being run during what is usually Holly’s nap time. However I thought we would give it a go and see, unfortunately my fears were confirmed. It was a quiet session with only two other mums attending, so when she started playing up during every song I decided afternoon slots were probably not the best for us.

Tuesday night saw Holly and I driving to Yorkshire to visit my sister and her boyfriend and on Wednesday my sister and I decided a shopping trip was in order (well with the January sales still unvisited, it was well overdue). Despite considering many an outfit for both myself and the little miss, I came away without a shopping bag in sight. I will stick to our New Years resolution and save money!

On Thursday morning we returned to the Surestart Centre for a try at Toddler Tastic. Holly is at quite an awkward age at the moment – she no longer wants to sit and play, demonstrated by me chasing her all over the place continuously, however she is too young to paint or glue things and would rather eat the crayons than create a fridge-worthy masterpiece. As this is what this group centered around it was another unsuccessful, and quite exhausting, attempt. However I will not give up in striving to find a baby group that suits us!

Chilling at Grandma & Pops

After discovering my car was letting in water earlier in the week (the condensation dripping from the inside of the sunroof onto my head being a minor giveaway), I spent Friday with the in-laws whilst the local garage had a look for me. Unfortunately they could not uncover the culprit and so I was forced to retain the damp vehicle until Monday when a bodyshop could take a closer look.

Over the weekend John and I took on some DIY, much to the hubby’s dismay, he’s not exactly Bob the Builder! However, with Holly’s ‘help’ he pulled himself together enough to put up a few shelves in order to unpack a the final boxes – we only moved into the house seven months ago after all! He also put up a workbench for me in the now-redundant shower room and we set up some shelving so I have somewhere to work on my much-missed crafting. So watch this space Hollybobbs may soon be returning to Etsy!

Helping Daddy build some shelves

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4 thoughts on “My Week That Was

  1. I share your pain with Baby Groups- although Mads is not walking yet, I have the same problem, most of the groups cater for either running around toddlers or newborns and we find it hard to find something in between.
    I am glad your hubby doesn't have enthusiasm for DIY either- I really have to persuade mine to do anything at all!
    Thanks for linking up again- sounds like you had a good week! x

  2. I have exactly the same problem with trying to find a suitable toddler group, in fact I mentioned in my Week That Was! My little girl is 15 months and like yours is too young to glue and paint but too old to sit lie down, I went to a group for 0-2 yrs which was basically a quilt full of 5 month old babies and two toddlers! Nightmare! x

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