My Week That Was

My Week That Was

This week I am joining in the linky over at the lovely blog Mummy, Daddy & Me Makes Three. Here’s my week that was…

Monday was a big day for us as we had our second ultrasound and discovered we are having a baby boy! To say we were overjoyed does not even cover it, although as both John and I are more private in our excitement and I think the sonographer was more than a bit disappointed at our quiet smiles at the news. After the scan we headed straight over the Next to buy some blue baby grows, although I have to say I am on autopilot to the pink section and looking at boys clothes did feel somewhat unnatural. We shared the exciting news with our family and friends, once of which gave us a smug ‘I told you so’ as the ever-reliable chain test she had undertaken so many weeks ago had proven correct.

Baby Boy!

The other significant event to occur this week was my decision to restart my blogging. I began my blogger journey in March 2011, when, after lovingly creating many items for Holly’s nursery, I rediscovered my appreciation for crafting and decided that I wanted to share my thoughts and creations online. However, my poor little blog, which had only just got going, had to be sidelined in July during our relocation back to England. Since then I haven’t had chance to resume my new-found art of splashing random thoughts over the cyber world, and it has saddened me that my little blog has sat untouched for many a month. However with number two on the way, now seems the right time to get back into the blogger world (and hopefully continue splashing in it).

Apart from these events, however, this week has been a quiet one. With the return to work of my closest mummy friend and my parents away in Spain, I decided to use the down time to sort through the two (yes TWO!) suitcases of Holly’s old clothes. As I picked through the tiny vests and pretty summer dresses my daughter had spent her baby days in, I did feel a twinge of sadness with the realisation my baby is no longer a baby. However with the bit of money we gained from selling her newborn clothes, we now have something to put towards Baby Boy’s new wardrobe. Any excuse to go shopping!

My baby is no more

Thursday afternoon was spent with Grandma H to celebrate her 60th birthday, where we celebrated with a Chinese and chocolate cake, the main celebrations reserved for the weekend. Friday involved a trip to Cheeky Chimps soft play centre in nearby Atherton, which Holly thoroughly loved and I needed a nap to recover after chasing her up and down the slide!

The weekend was spent reorganising the house with my hubby and although I didn’t really do much lifting I was shattered afterwards. I am 20 weeks now, and the bump has certainly made itself known, both visually and physically! Although I am smaller than I was at this stage with Holly, being only 4ft10 gaining much weight at all makes a huge difference. However I am feeling a lot more kicks now, which is lovely.

So that’s my weekly roundup. Head over the Mummy, Daddy & Me and share yours.

5 thoughts on “My Week That Was

  1. So chuffed that you have a boy this time! I know how upsetting it is when you have to sell all of those gorgeous clothes though. As I did the same with Eloise's clothes to make some money to buy all over agin for Bryce! On the plus side, you can get some gorgeous clothes for little boys now, especially from Next and Tesco's.

    Happy 60th to your Grandma. Chinese and chocolate cake sounds like my kind of birthday! 🙂


  2. You sound like you had a very exciting week hun- I know I knew it already via fb but I can't believe you are having a little boy! How perfect one of each. I feel sad when I look at Mads tiny babygrows- the only downside and wonderful upside of having a little boy is you will have to spend lots more money on clothes but yay you get to buy lots of new ones! Lots more shopping!
    I am very glad you decided to blog again- it will be nice keeping in touch with all your news! xx

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