How To Make A No-Sew Cushion with Applique Design

How To Make A No-Sew Cushion with Applique Design

As my sewing machine is currently locked up in a storage container in the UK and my hand-stitching abilities leave a lot to be desired, a lot of the ideas I looked at for creating things in Holly’s nursery were unachievable. However I really wanted to make a cushion to go on my glider in the nursery and so had a hunt around for thoughts on how I could achieve this. I came across this beautiful nursery by the B-Line which has so many ideas that I wanted to try.

 The one I loved the most was this silhouette cushion with her dog on:

As Jasper, our Jack Russell Terrier, is such a huge part of our family (after all, we flew him from the UK to New York and then New York to California, if that’s not devotion I don’t know what is!) I really loved the idea of featuring him in Holly’s nursery. B-Line had created this cushion with fabric she specially designed and ordered from Spoonflower. This was a bit costly for myself and I relished the challenge of figuring out how to create this without making one stitch! I had already used Wonder Web to create my bunting (see The Beginning of the Inspiration post) and so thought I would give this a try. So here is my method of creating a no-sew cushion with an appliqued design:

You will need:

Fabric (I measured a throw-pillow I already had and then added two inches all the way round for seams)
‘Heat’n Bond’ to adhere silhouette to cushion
Wonder Web
No-sew Velcro strips


1. First I cut my fabric. Making sure I added two inches on each side from my template cushion, using a ruler I drew two squares of fabric and cut them out.

2 I then found a picture of Jasper on my computer that would create a good silhouette. After a lot of trial and error I blew it up to the right size for my cushion, printed it off and cut it out.

3. Following the instructions on the packet, I ironed one side of the ‘Heat’n Bond’ to a contrasting piece of fabric big enough for my Jasper template.

4. I pinned the Jasper template to a contrasting fabric and cut out my shape.

5. Taking one of the pieces of fabric I had previously cut out for my cushion, I placed my silhouette in the middle and ironed it in place using the reverse side of the ‘Heat’n Bond’ to stick it down, again following the instructions on the packet.

6. I grabbed the other piece of fabric I cut out earlier for the cushion. With the wrong side facing up, I folded one edge down on both pieces by a quarter of an inch. I measured the Wonder Web along the length of the fold and cut. Placing the Wonder Web under the fold, I ironed it down to hold the fold in place. This was the edge I then created an opening on using the Velcro.

6. Next came time to put the cushion together. I measured my Wonder Web along my cushion pieces and cut a piece off the same length.

7. Placing the fabric wrong side together (i.e. inside out), I pinned one side together with the Wonder Web placed in between the layers.

8. I then ironed this side together, making sure the Wonder Web was in the right place. This created one seam.

9. Repeat this for three more edges of the cushion, leaving the edge with the folded sides open.

10. To create the opening on the final side, I cut the Velcro so it was about half an inch shorter than the folded seam at either end. Following the instructions, I pressed the two pieces of the Velcro together, peeled off the backing paper and then placed it on one side of the seam of my cushion. I pressed down firmly and held it for one minute. Next I pressed the other side of the seam onto the Velcro and held down for one minute. This created a firm opening for my cushion.

11. I turned the cushion the right way out and using the stuffing I then filled it to the desired size.

12. Finally, I pressed the Velcro opening closed and voila! A personalized silhouette cushion made without a needle and thread in sight!

Original Picture
Finished Cushion
In its new home

I love the finished piece and am glad to have Jasper represented in Holly’s nursery. I hope you found these instructions helpful, please let me know how you did – I would love to see your creations too!

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